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CC Type Spherical Roller Bearings


Spherical roller bearings are widely used in steelmaking converter, continuous casting machine, paper making machinery, lifting machinery, reducer, such as steel, paper making, shipping, electric power, engineering machinery and other industries because of their high load-bearing capacity, good anti vibration performance, and compensation for concentricity error due to machining, installation and shaft deformation. Vibrating screen, crusher and other mechanical equipment. With the continuous research and optimization of Industrial Bearings Solutions in the past few years, the design and processing technology of the spherical roller bearing has developed rapidly, and its performance has also been greatly improved. The self-aligning roller bearing has been greatly improved from internal structure to material used. The improvement of steel and the improvement of machining accuracy include the design of roller and raceway contact, the self guided design of rollers, and the change of internal macroscopical geometric structure. The symmetrical roller is used, the middle ring is removed, the diameter and length of roller are increased, the number of rollers is increased, the service life of spherical roller bearings is longer than that of original ones. About six times, the limit speed increased by nearly three times.

The CC type self-aligning roller bearing is improved on the basis of C type spherical roller bearing. By analyzing the dynamics of the internal movement of the bearing, the roller self guide is put forward (that is, the roller in the spherical roller bearing is not guided by the guide ring, but is guided by the raceway) and the roller skew theory is used to change the internal and external ring tightness. The roughness grade of raceway and roller surface is conducive to the reasonable deviation of the roller in the working condition, and the plane of the bearing axis can be automatically adjusted until the load is in the middle of the roller and is consistent with the corresponding load direction. The CC structure not only increases the roller length of the bearing, increases the rated load, but also has higher limit speed and lower friction loss, and the service life is longer than that of the C type.

The cage structure of CC type self-aligning roller bearing is bowl-shaped. It adopts the way of radial locking roller at the crossbeam. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy processing. However, the minimum width of the cage beam is small and the strength is poor. The number and diameter of the rollers are limited near the center circle diameter of the rollers, which is one of the important factors restricting the radial rated dynamic load of the self-aligning roller bearing. As shown in Figure 9, the cage crossbeam is located near the center line of the rolling element, which is almost the position of the maximum longitudinal section size of the rolling element, so the width of the crossbeam is greatly limited. In addition, the width of the crossbeam is narrower due to the existence of locking points. In order to ensure sufficient strength and stiffness of cage beams, measures are often taken to reduce the diameter of rollers and the number of rollers, which will inevitably affect the radial dynamic load rating of bearings.

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