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Rolling Bearing


Rolling bearing is a kind of precision mechanical element which reduces the friction loss between sliding axis and shaft seat to rolling friction. Rolling bearings are usually made up of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and cage. The function of the inner ring is to match with the shaft and rotate with the shaft. The outer ring acts as a support to the bearing seat, and the rolling body uses the cage to evenly distribute the rolling body between the inner ring and the outer ring, and its shape and size. The amount directly affects the performance and life of the rolling bearing; the cage can make the rolling body distribute evenly, prevent the rolling body from falling off, and guide the rolling body to rotate and lubricate.

Bearing products also include a variety of sliding bearings, rod end devices and bushings to meet the needs of all kinds of oscillatory motion. Design and materials are widely distributed,Industrial Bearings Solutions provide excellent choices to meet customer application needs.

Bearing characteristics:

Low friction (roller end / flange contact area)

Open flange design together with roller end design and surface finish promotes lubricant film formation, resulting in lower friction and higher axial basic rated load.

Long service life

The roller logarithmic curve profile reduces the edge stress at roller / raceway contact and the sensitivity of alignment to axis deflection.

Improve operational reliability

The surface smoothness of roller and raceway contact surface is beneficial to the formation of hydrodynamic lubrication film.

Detachable and interchangeable

The separation components of SKF cylindrical roller bearings are interchangeable. This is convenient for installation, dismantling and maintenance inspection.

High speed capability

The cage design is suitable for high speed, high acceleration and impact loads.

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