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Selection Of Bearings


Bearing as an indispensable part of machinery, the scope of its use will also be wider and wider, because bearings must be used wherever there is rotation. The bearing is mainly supporting and reducing friction in the machinery, so the accuracy and noise of Industrial Bearings Solutions bearings are directly related to the use and life of machinery.

1 Selection of bearing type

The bearing type is usually selected by the technical personnel of the customer according to the conditions and load bearing of the supporting products. Industrial Bearings Solutions will understand whether the actual load of the customer is consistent with the selected bearings. If the bearing fails to meet the requirements, Industrial Bearings Solutions will recommend the customer to remodel the model as soon as possible, but unless the special product does not have any problems in choosing the model.

2 selection of bearing clearance

When customers purchase Industrial Bearings Solutions bearings, they usually only tell what type and grade they are in. They seldom ask for the clearance of the bearing. Industrial Bearings Solutions will ask the condition of the bearing to be used. The speed, temperature and tolerance of the bearing are directly related to the choice of the bearing clearance. Generally, the CM motor is usually used in the motor with a speed of 3500 R / min. For example, high speed and high speed motors require relatively large clearance. The clearance of bearings will be reduced after assembly due to the increase of inner hole and the reduction of outer circle. The reduction of clearance is equal to interference volume 60%. For example, before the bearing assembly, the clearance is 0.01mm, when the interference is 0.01mm, the clearance after bearing assembly is 0.004mm. Theoretically, the noise and life span of the bearing are in the best state when the bearing is in zero clearance, but in actual operation, considering the temperature rise and other problems, the clearance of the bearing after assembly is 0.002mm-0.004mm better.

3 selection of grease

The choice of grease is generally based on the speed of bearing, temperature resistance, noise requirements and starting torque. Industrial Bearings Solutions is used to understand the performance of various oils and fats.

4 Selection of bearing seal type

The lubrication of bearings can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Generally, oil lubricated bearings are made of formal bearings, and grease lubricated bearings are usually sealed with dust cover or rubber seals. The dustproof cover is suitable for parts with high temperature or good environment. The seals are divided into two types: contact seal and non-contact seal. The contact seal has good dustproof performance, but the power moment is large. The starting torque of the non connected seal is small, but the sealing performance is not good.

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