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Improving operational reliability of motor bearings


1 set up ledgers for motor bearings to strengthen management of motors.

Generally speaking, Industrial Bearings Solutions has many kinds of motors with different models, power and speed. The running environment and mode of operation of these motors are different, and the environment of some motors is very bad, which seriously affects the normal operation of motor bearings. Because of this, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the motor, it is necessary to set up the motor management ledger with the type of motor, the parameter manufacturer, the operating environment, the mode of operation and the type of motor bearing, the manufacturer, the date of commissioning, the use of grease, the fault phenomenon and the fault date. That is to say, according to the situation of motor bearing in actual production and operation, the motor management ledger is compiled, and the daily operation of the motor bearing is summarized, summarized and analyzed through data information displayed in the ledger, so as to find out the possible law of motor bearing failure, and conduct investigation based on this basis. It provides a strong basis for the maintenance and maintenance of motor bearings and maintenance cycle. This is not only conducive to routine maintenance and management of motor bearings, but also can effectively extend the service life of motor bearings. Conversely, if the motor bearing type, manufacturer, date of operation, use of grease, fault and failure date have not been known, then the motor maintenance content and maintenance time interval is somewhat blind, such as whether the bearing has been overdue operation, the use of grease is appropriate. Some enterprises change motor bearings in one or two years, or do not maintain motor bearings for many years. This is an extensive management mode, which has the phenomenon of dimension loss or oversize for equipment, and does not meet the requirements of equipment condition based maintenance management concept.

2 regular diagnosis of motor bearing operation.

If the bearing fault can not be eliminated in time when the motor bearing is running at high speed, the bearing of the motor will also be damaged soon. There are many reasons for motor bearing failures, among which the most common factors are fatigue failure, poor lubrication, improper installation and foreign matter entry. No matter any of the above factors, it will cause problems such as too high operating temperature, excessive vibration and abnormal running sound. Because of this, Industrial Bearings Solutions is particularly important for effective management of motor bearing operation. Industrial Bearings Solutions regularly diagnoses the running condition of motor bearings by professional instruments, so as to prevent motor bearing from running ill.

In view of the problems of poor lubrication of motor bearings, excessive viscosity of grease, too small clearance and heavy load, Industrial Bearings Solutions can judge the temperature of the bearing housings of electric motors, and can also judge the temperature of motor bearings by means of a thermometer, and draw a curve table of the running temperature of motor bearings. In order to judge whether the motor bearing is running normally, and the problem of entering foreign bodies and wear in the motor bearing, we should rely on the professional motor bearing fault detector to analyze the vibration pulse of the motor bearing, and then play an auxiliary role in judging the running condition of the motor bearing.

3 further improve the installation technology level of motor bearings.

Industrial Bearings Solutions knows that the accuracy of the motor bearings is very high. Therefore, even if there are slight rolling, ball deformation and injury, internal impurities will cause the shortening of the life of the motor bearings. Especially in the actual installation process, due to the lack of installation technology level, it is easy to cause motor bearing damage and reduce the actual service life of motor bearings. Therefore, further improving the installation technology level of motor bearings plays a vital role in prolonging the service life of motor bearings.

First of all, in the installation process of motor bearings, Industrial Bearings Solutions is used to avoid deformation of motor bearing raceway and ball by mechanical force. It can be installed by means of hot oil heating or electromagnetic heating motor bearing. Its essence is to make use of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of motor bearings to make motor bearings light. It is easy to lift into the axle neck; secondly, to ensure that the working environment of the motor bearing is replaced when the grease is replaced, and the cleaning equipment is clean, so as to avoid the scratches caused by impurities entering the raceway of the motor bearings, thereby reducing the service life of the motor bearings. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the proper injection of motor bearing grease. Too much or more will increase the rotational friction of the motor bearing, which will lead to a vicious cycle of motor bearing running into overheating and lubricating grease oxidation failure. Finally, we should pay more attention to the use and storage of grease, and we will often see it in the field. When the grease is opened, the seal will not be sealed in time, and the grease will be contaminated by impurities. The grease which is contaminated by impurities will be used in the bearing lubrication. So, the bearing grease will contain a lot of mechanical impurities, dust or sand particles, which will seriously affect the life of the bearing. Therefore, the use of grease to develop a good habit, open the lid at the time, with the rear cover, to avoid grease exposed for a long time in dirty, humid air pollution, the contaminated grease can no longer be used to lubricate the bearings.

4 choose the right motor bearings to ensure good performance.

Because of the wide variety of motors, the operating parameters of different types of motors are different. In order to get good motor performance and performance, motor must be selected according to the different driving objects.

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